A&M Records Co-Founder Jerry Moss’ Fine Art Collection to Be Sold in Auction

Thursday, October 12, 2023
A&M Records Co-Founder Jerry Moss’ Fine Art Collection to Be Sold in Auction

The Collection of Jerry Moss will be sold at Christie's this November during the fall Marquee Week of Sales. Widely known as the “M” in A&M Records, Jerry Moss was a music industry giant who played a critical role in establishing careers of the biggest musical acts in history—Sting, Janet Jackson, Peter Frampton, Cat Stevens, Carole King, and countless more.

Moss’s art collection comprises a fantastic group of objects that span a range of genres, representing the European avant-garde, icons of Latin American art, and contemporary masters. Thirteen works from the collection will be showcased in a single-owner section of Christie’s 20th Century Evening Sale on November 9, 2023. Subsequent property from the collection will be sold in the Marquee Week Day Sales and the Design Sales in December. In total, the collection is estimated to realize in excess of $50 million, with partial proceeds to benefit The Music Center.

Like the diverse group of musicians who parlayed their passion into worldwide stardom under the guidance of Moss, the artworks comprising his collection are categorically quite different. Highlights in the collection include: Friday Kahlo’s Portrait of Cristina, My Sister (estimate: $8 million – 12 million) and Tamara de Lempicka’s Fillette en rose (estimate: $7 million – 10 million) two deeply personal portraits by women of their immediate family members—the first, of the artist’s sister and the second of the artist’s daughter. The top lot of the group is Picasso’s Nu couché, estimated to achieve $10 million – 15 million.

Tina Moss remarks, “Art, was always something personal to Jerry and related to love, beauty, or how an experience of something had touched him. The interest that he took in the artist and respect for their artistic creativity was at the heart of who he was and what he collected. He did not want to purchase something because someone told him he should. Jerry believed that you had to have confidence in yourself to risk displaying your personal taste on the walls for all to see. His passionate interest, combined with a deeply rooted humbleness made him special in a world of luxury. Jerry’s life,
character and achievements make all of us who knew and loved him proud. He endured personal challenges, but rarely uttered a negative word. No matter how tremendous his success, he never lost sight of his beginnings.”

Edward White, Senior Partner of Edward White & Co., LLP, Certified Public Accountants, remarks: “It is a distinct honor to serve with Tina Moss as a Trustee and Executor for the Estate of Jerry Moss. While I admire and appreciate Jerry’s remarkable entrepreneurial accomplishments and his public persona, as his friend and business manager I became well-acquainted with Jerry’s unique personal attributes that defined him as an exceptional human being. Succinctly stated, his compassion, generosity, measured optimism, sensitive and poignant humor, diversified scope of intellectual talents, kindness, and love for art and all he encountered, truly defined Jerry as A Man for All Seasons. On behalf of Jerry’s entire family, I extend a sincere expression of gratitude to Bonnie Brennan, Margot Rosenberg and all of their Christie’s colleagues for their invaluable services.”

Bonnie Brennan, President of Christie’s Americas, remarks: “Jerry Moss was a deeply beloved figure in the Los Angeles community and a legendary record executive who played a vital role in shaping the world of music as we know it. He had a singular ability to recognize artistry and foster talent,
discovering so many of the greatest musical acts of all time. In his fantastic art collection, it is clear that this rare and unique skill was not limited to music. The works in his collection showcase masterful artists of all backgrounds, including two masterpieces by female artists Tamara de Lempicka and Frida Kahlo. It has been such a pleasure collaborating professionally with Tina, Edward and Edward White & Co., LLP over the last several months in organizing this sale, and I want to thank them all for being such fantastic partners. We look forward to continuing to celebrate Jerry’s legacy and sharing this exceptional collection with the world during Christie’s Marquee Week this November.”

Max Carter, Christie’s Vice Chairman of 20th and 21st Century Art, remarks, “The collection of Jerry Moss was like A&M Records, the storied label he co-founded with Herb Alpert: A wonderful, decades long adventure united by taste, genius and personal bonds. Each of its portraits tells of an important and revealing love, whether of Kahlo for her sister, Cristina—whose likeness is the extraordinarily rare pendant to Kahlo’s first-ever self-portrait—Lempicka for her daughter, Kizette; Benton for his son, T.P.; Picasso for his wife, Jacqueline; Beckmann for the man on the street; or Warhol for the specter of fame.”

Herb Alpert and Jerry Moss began A&M Records in 1962 and together grew their a small, independent label into an international powerhouse. The pair were loved throughout the industry, known to be hugely supportive of their roster of artists. While Herb Alpert was a musician himself, Jerry Moss was known for his business acumen and his ability to expertly identify and foster talent. Along with music and art, Jerry Moss loved horseracing. He invested in his first horse in the 1970s and remained an ardent supporter of the sport for the remainder of his life. He amassed a number of notable accolades, including a win at the Kentucky Derby in 2005 with his horse Giacomo—named after one of Sting’s sons. And a win for Horse of the Year in 2010 for his horse Zenyatta, named for The Police’s 1980 album Zenyatta Mondatta.

Image : Frida Kahlo, Portrait of Cristina, My Sister Estimate: $8,000,000-12,000,000

Stephanie Cime

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