France Muséums is Expanding its Activities Internationally

Tuesday, May 7, 2024
France Muséums is Expanding its Activities Internationally

France Muséums is expanding its international footprint with significant projects, notably collaborating with the Indian government on the future National Museum of India in New Delhi.

Building on its legacy of promoting French museum and heritage proficiency overseas for the creation of Louvre Abu Dhabi project, France Muséums expands its influence with key initiatives worldwide.

Noteworthy for leading the promotion of a cultural heritage project in Bolivia and the development of the tourism and cultural offer for the Simón I. Patiño Foundation, as well as partnering with the Institut National du Patrimoineto develop a professional training program, MuseoPro, for the employees of the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi.

France Muséums is a key player in promoting French museums and heritage expertise, providing comprehensive support for the design of museum projects, project owner support for their operational implementation, and technical services. France Muséums offers comprehensive support, catalyzing museum development globally.

France Muséums brings together some of France’s leading experts to support those in charge of museums and heritage sites in all key areas: initial strategic planning, programming, and production of visitor journeys, collections management, visitor experience, training and capacity building, and sustainable management of museum projects.

Hervé Barbaret, Chief Executive Officer of France Muséums, “A museum is a bearer of values. Access for all to artworks, creative freedom, cultural diversity, and the hybridization of cultural projects are all factors of attractiveness and empowerment. France Muséums, as a unique entity, crafts proposals that respect local contexts and cultures, while championing high-level French museum expertise without imposing a standardized model.” 

Stephanie Cime

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Anna Melnykova, "Palace of Labor (palats praci), architector I. Pretro, 1916", shot with analog Canon camera, 35 mm Fuji film in March 2022.

Anna Melnykova, "Palace of Labor (palats praci), architector I. Pretro, 1916", shot with analog Canon camera, 35 mm Fuji film in March 2022.


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