Lavinia Rosen

Lavinia Rosen, Germany
Lavinia Rosen holds a BA in politics and public administration as well as an MA in art business and contemporary art from the Sotheby’s Institute of Art in New York and London. After graduating in early 2016 she returned to her hometown Hamburg, Germany, where she runs a pop-up gallery KUNSTVOLL and works as a curator and art advisor in multiple disciplines of the art scene in Hamburg. She loves to travel around to visit exhibitions and meet artists all over Europe.

Articles (4)

Discover Art outside the big institutions during Berlin Art Week
Article date: Friday, September 16, 2016

Discover Art outside the big institutions during Berlin Art Week

The Berlin Art Week from 13. – 18. September takes place for the fifth time and all art venues in the city time their openings and special events during this one week to create a momentum of attention at the beginning of the new season after the summer break.

Similar in simplicity. Interview with Olly Fathers and Yukako Shibata
Article date: Thursday, September 15, 2016

Similar in simplicity. Interview with Olly Fathers and Yukako Shibata

The London-based artists Olly Fathers and Yukako Shibata have both exhibited at The Other Art Fair at the Old Truman Brewery in London 2015, where artists can represent themselves independently from a gallery. That is where I saw their work for the first time. Now months later I’ve curated an exhibition with the title Traces of Minimalism at the heliumcowboy artspace in Hamburg and invited both of them to participate along Donghwa Lee, Swen Kählert, Alan Steele, and Tanja Soler Zang. What I didn’t know was that they had already met before. Out of 130 participating artists at The Other Art Fair they discovered each other’s work and casually said “We should do something together. Our work corresponds well with each other.”

Looking for the art in the Berlin Biennale
Article date: Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Looking for the art in the Berlin Biennale

The Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art 2016 with the title “The Present in Drag“ curated by the New Yorker collective DIS (Lauren Boyle, Solomon Chase, Marco Roso, David Toro) feels so cutting edge contemporary that it is difficult to recognise the actual art. As this year’s biennale looks for the digital condition and the paradoxes that make up our everyday life it includes many objects, images, settings and situations that feel so familiar that it isn’t instantly clear what makes them art just because they appear in a museum.

What people do for the sake of art – or money?
Article date: Wednesday, August 3, 2016

What people do for the sake of art – or money?

The German artist and this year’s curator Christian Jankowski titled the Manifesta 11 “What People Do for Money – Some Joint Ventures”. By involving the residents of the city and exhibiting the resulting art works all over the city in unexpected locations and contexts he has organized a very amenable and easy approachable biennale in Zurich, Switzerland.

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