A Look at Museo Reina Sofía 2023

Monday, January 9, 2023
A Look at Museo Reina Sofía 2023

Picasso 1906, The Turning Point, Maquinations, Ben Shahn and Something Else Pres, among Museo Reina Sofía’s exhibitions in 2023

This year, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía will host ten exhibitions that will explore different trends in contemporary art. The Sabatini Building will host Ben Shahn's retrospective, which will review the career of this artist, recognized as one of the main figures of American realism, as well as an anthological exhibition of the Basque artist Ibon Aranberri.

2023 is the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Pablo Picasso’s death, and on this occasion Museo Reina Sofía will present the exhibition Picasso 1906. The Turning Point, which aims to delve into the artist's contribution to the germinal moment of modern art.

Almost fifty artists from the Mediterranean area and the African continent will be part of the thematic exhibition Machinations. In addition, visitors will be able to explore the universe of Alberto Greco and get to know the intense activity of the legendary avant-garde publishing house Something Else Press. Museo Reina Sofía will also present the most ambitious retrospective to date dedicated to the German artist Angela Melitopoulos, and the work of André du Colombier will be shown for the first time in a museum.

Palacio de Cristal (Retiro Park) will host two site-specific installations, one by Ibrahim Mahama, who exhibits for the first time in Spain, exploring issues such as the injustices and weaknesses of global trade; and a new installation by Ulla von Brandenburg, inviting to reflect on people and their environment through the use of scenic elements.

Among the activities planned for 2023, the film and video program will feature comprehensive retrospectives of historical filmmakers, such as Yervant Gianikian and Angela Ricci-Lucchi. In collaboration with Filmoteca, a retrospective to Peter Watkins will be offered, as well as the cycles Filmar lo posthumano and Bestiario. Cinema and Monstrosities. A series of lectures at the end of the year, with specialists in Picasso, will accompany the exhibition dedicated to this artist.


During the first months of 2023, the public will be able to continue visiting the following exhibitions: until February 27, Documentary Genealogies. Photography 1848-1917, Natural magic by Leonor Serrano Rivas, and An Act of Seeing that Unfolds. The Susana and Ricardo Steinbruch Collection. Until March 27, Like a Sewing Machine in a Wheat Field dedicated to world of the psychiatrist Francesc Tosquelles.

Margarita Azurdia's exhibition, Margarita Rita Rica Dinamita, will be open until April 17. While at Palacio de Cristal (Retiro park), the installation Glass is my skin by Pauline Boudry and Renate Lorenz can be seen until April 9; and at Palacio de Velázquez, the exhibition by Manolo Quejido, Immeasurable Distance, will remain open until May 16.

The rest of the program is completed with the coming new temporary exhibitions that will open in 2023. The full program can be viewed here


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Anna Melnykova, "Palace of Labor (palats praci), architector I. Pretro, 1916", shot with analog Canon camera, 35 mm Fuji film in March 2022.

Anna Melnykova, "Palace of Labor (palats praci), architector I. Pretro, 1916", shot with analog Canon camera, 35 mm Fuji film in March 2022.


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